Cape Trafalgar

The Atlantic side of Andalucía is amazing.  Driving west from the Straits quickly leads to beautiful, lush countryside, considerably greener than the coast or Guadalquivir valley.


Cape Trafalgar itself is relatively remote, situated several miles south of Cadiz.  The beaches are long and sandy, especially when compared to the Mediterranean beaches, but tucked between rocky headlands.  A modern lighthouse sits on the cape itself, beside the ruins of its ancestor.  Only a small plaque commemorates the massive sea battle which took place a few miles off shore.


New lighthouse


Old lighthouse

The nearby Los Caños de Meca, which seems to be more hippy commune than beach resort, which in many ways makes this place doubly attractive.  The striking nature of this corner of Spain is accentuated by the forest of umbrella pines that separate the cape from the interior.


A few miles south of Cape Trafalgar lays an even more attractive seaside jewel, Zahara de los Atunes.  The beach here exactly resembles American Atlantic beaches: long and sandy, with dunes and marshes.  The town is certainly more of a beach community than a commune, but not at all over-developed or touristy (at least in early June).  Dinner in a small beachfront restaurant did not disappoint.  This is a part of Spain that definitely merits a longer visit.


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